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What to do with a tissue?

Updated: Jun 5, 2022

One of my favorite things to do is taking everyday household items and turning them into objects for play. This helps children develop creative play skills. Plus, it saves caregivers on toys. Win win if I say so myself!

Let’s see how we can use tissues in play!

  1. A blanket. Have your child tuck in their favorite toy by using a tissue as a blanket.

  2. Peek a boo or hide and seek. Whether you are hiding an object or hiding your own face, using a tissue adds an element of fun.

  3. A parachute. You can attach an object to the tissue or just watch it fall. It provides a great way to describe actions and use descriptive language. Bonus tip: Drop the tissue from the top of a set of stairs for added fun.

  4. A tissue. We can simply use it as it was created!

Need more of a visual?

Watch this short video to see all of these in action.

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