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Free Language Screener? Don't mind if I do!

Everyone loves a free tool to add to their clinical toolbox! The Test of Early Grammatical Impairment (TEGI) does just that. This screener probes multiple language structures, but is backed by research.

The TEGI is intended to be administered individually to identify grammatical deficits. It is ideal for ages 3 to 8, who use Standard American English (SAE). The screener has five grammatical probes.

  • Phonological Probe

  • Third Person Singular Probe

  • Past Tense Probe

  • Be/Do Probe

  • Grammaticality Judgment Probe

The Informed SLP wrote a review based on a research study that found probing past tense was effective to screen for language disorders in kindergarten students. Check that out here!

Upgrade your assessment tools by adding the TEGI! Get yours for FREE!

Disclaimer: I fully acknowledge that the term "impairment" is outdated and carries a negative connotation. This is the name of the screener and is only being used for that purpose.

Disclosure: I am a part-time employee of The Informed SLP.

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