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Speaking Engagements


Sydney Bassard has presented internationally and at several national conferences including the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association and Symposium on Research in Child Language Disorders. She has extensive training and knowledge in working with children who are Deaf or hard of hearing and literacy intervention. Sydney has presented on topics related to hearing loss, literacy, family-centered care, social media ethics,  and cultural considerations for professionals. She was acknowledged as an ASHA Innovator in 2023 and an ASHA Distinguished Early Career Professional in 2020. 


Sydney Bassard is frequently noted as a highly engaging presenter as she makes her presentations interactive with takeaways to use in therapy the next day. 

Topics Sydney frequently presents are:

  • Assessment and Treatment of Individuals who are Deaf and Hard of Hearing

  • Integrating Early Literacy Skills in Speech Therapy

  • Using Daily Routines to Build Language Skills

  • Social Media Ethics for Professionals

  • Health Literacy

If there is a topic you do not see listed, please contact us to discuss more. Sydney presents on a wide variety of topics related to these areas.

Fill out this form to discuss opportunities to have Sydney at your event.

“Sydney did a great job making the information relevant to our work as mentors and evaluators with teachers by giving opportunities to think about how we can use this information to support teachers.”
“Sydney offered a multitude of ideas we can use in our classrooms as we coach the teachers we mentor and evaluate.”
"I loved the graphics Sydney used and the resources she recommended for syntax. The presentation was wonderful!"

Invited Presentations

Bassard, S.D. (2023, December). Assessment and treatment of children who are Deaf and hard of hearing. Turkish SLT Association, Virtual.

Bassard, S.D. (2023, November). Harnessing the power of teletherapy to ignite innovation in care for children with hearing loss. Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Boston, MA.  

Bassard, S.D. (2023, October). Going beyond likes and follows: Understanding the ethics of social media for SLPs

Annual Convention of the Iowa Speech-Language-Hearing Association, Coralville, IA.

Bassard, S.D. (2023, July). It is more than ABC: 

Incorporating early literacy in therapy sessions. Annual Convention of the Florida Association of Speech-Language Pathologists and Audiologists, Orlando, FL.

Bassard, S.D. (2022, November). Examining health literacy considerations and clinical impact on care for speech-language pathologists. Annual Convention of the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, New Orleans, LA.  

Upcoming Engagements

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