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How do I know my child's provider is the right one?

Therapy is an investment of your time, money, and emotions.

I spoke with a parent group about how finding the right service provider or provider is super important! While speech-language pathologists are trained to work with a lot of different communication disorders, we are not able to be true experts in all the disorders. This is why asking questions about the skill and comfort level prior to services is important.

Here are 5 questions to serve as a guide when beginning services with a new provider.

1. What is your therapeutic philosophy?

This will allow you to learn about the methods and the way they go about working with children. It is important to know that style defers from person to person.

2. How do you view the role of the family in therapy?

This provides you with an idea of what is expected of you in the therapeutic relationship. Will you be in the sessions, asked to participate, or wait outside the treatment area?

3. How will you work with other members of our child's team?

It is important that all members of your child's team be on the same page with goals and progress. You'll want to know how the SLP plans on collaborating with other professionals.

4. What do functional outcomes mean to you?

No child should be in therapy forever. The goals being targeted should be functional for your child and family. You'll want to make sure that your child's SLP has an idea about when to discontinue services.

5. How would you describe your comfort level with this diagnosis?

SLPs are expected to know how to effectively treat a wide variety of disorders. Ensure that your child's SLP has the skills to work with your child.

Click here to download get a free handout with this information.

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