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Speech Therapy for Hearing Loss, Auditory Processing, & Literacy Challenges

Serving Children, Teens, & Adults
in Charlotte, NC

Adult with dyslexia reading to his daughter as a result of literacy therapy
Child with hearing loss receiving aural rehabilitation through speech therapy services
Teen participating in auditory processing therapy online

Welcome to The Listening SLP!

In-Person Therapy Offered to Clients in the Charlotte, NC Area
Online Therapy Available to Clients Anywhere in North Carolina, South Carolina, & Virginia

The Listening SLP is a private speech therapy practice that specializes in the treatment of hearing loss, auditory processing disorder, dyslexia, and other literacy challenges. Our goal is to listen to your values and build skills that improve your daily life - for school, work, or play! Together, we can achieve meaningful and functional communication.

Committed to ensuring our clients feel valued & understood
Education to empower parents & clients to advocate for their needs
Highly specialized speech therapist
Dedicated time for questions
Home practice programs to support progress
Taking a client-centered & culturally responsive approach

Our Mission

Our mission is to help you improve your speaking, listening, reading, spelling, and writing skills during everyday life activities. We strive to help children, teens, and adults gain confidence in their ability to communicate and advocate for themselves at home, school, work, and beyond!

Our Specialties

At The Listening SLP, we treat the person, not the diagnosis. Our specialty is working with clients who experience challenges related to:

Hearing Loss


Reading, Writing, & Spelling

Auditory Processing

Why Us?

We strive to meet you wherever you are in your journey. Rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach to speech therapy, we invest time into learning about your values and goals to help you make meaningful progress. Our therapy sessions are full of games, books, multi-sensory activities, gross motor movements, and functional daily tasks! 

Meet Your Speech Therapist

Sydney Bassard, MSP, CCC-SLP, hearing loss and literacy specialist in Charlotte, North Carolina

Sydney Bassard, MSP, CCC-SLP

Owner, Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP)

Sydney Bassard is an experienced speech therapist based in Charlotte, NC. Her clinical specialty is working with individuals who are deaf and hard of hearing, and supporting people of all ages who struggle to read, spell, and write. Along with Sydney's clinical expertise, she has also engaged in research with these populations, having contributed to several published works.


With a passion for making high-quality services accessible for all, Sydney takes the time to educate and invest in each of her clients. Her motto of listening, learning, and advocating stems from the three principles that guide her approach to therapy. 


Sydney is licensed to practice in North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia. She looks forward to working with you and your family at The Listening SLP to achieve your goals!

Visit Sydney's Amazon Store

Recommendations for speech and literacy therapy materials, books, and more!

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Invite Sydney to Speak

Sydney Bassard is a frequent presenter, an avid content creator on social media, and a guest on numerous SLP podcasts.

Free Downloads

Handouts to help professionals and families address functional communication skills.

Ready to Get Started?

The Listening SLP is a North Carolina State Education Assistance Authority (NCSEAA) approved grant provider. We are not considered an in-network provider with any insurance company at this time. We provide support to our clients who wish to seek out-of-network reimbursement from their insurance. Please contact us for more information. 

Step One

Consultation. Contact The Listening SLP for a free 15-minute phone consultation! We will discuss communication strengths and support needs to determine whether our services are the right fit for you.

Step Two

Evaluation. A comprehensive evaluation will be conducted to identify areas of need. We will discuss the results, share our recommendations, and establish goals for speech therapy alongside your family.

Step Three

Begin Therapy! We will meet for regular speech therapy, aural rehabilitation, or literacy intervention sessions - either in person or online. Weekly progress updates will be provided.

Three Convenient Service Locations

At The Listening SLP, we specialize in treating communication challenges associated with hearing loss, auditory processing disorder, reading challenges, and dyslexia. Our highly experienced speech therapist works with individuals of all ages in Charlotte, NC and provides online teletherapy services to residents of NC, SC, & VA.


The Listening SLP serves children, teens, and adults in our speech therapy clinic in Charlotte, NC.


Take therapy outside of the clinic and practice new communication skills in the real world throughout Charlotte, NC.


If you live in North Carolina, South Carolina, or Virginia, all you need is a computer to get started.

The Listening SLP background

"Advocacy is empathy, compassion, and community at work.”

~ Janna Cachola

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Contact The Listening SLP

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