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My Favorite Teletherapy Resources

Teletherapy is here to stay! Teletherapy entered our worlds in 2020 out of necessity, but many therapists and families have found this delivery method to be beneficial. It can be challenging to think about what to use in sessions and how to keep children engaged.

In today's blog post, I share my favorite teletherapy materials and resources to use!

Stacy Crouse's Spring Lesson Planning Organization for SLPs Spreadsheet for Google Sheets™

Stacy has made planning teletherapy session by season easy with her spreadsheets. Many of the resources listed are free and no prep is required! I have enjoyed using the YouTube videos and Boom cards in my sessions. Stacy includes resources for older students as well. Check out her Teachers Pay Teachers store for more teletherapy resources.

School-age Language Assessment Measures (SLAM) – Materials

The SLAM materials can be used to aid in the elicitation and analysis of a language sample. The SLAM materials assess comprehension (understanding the questions posed) and expressive language. Each set of cards comes with a scoring guide to assist the evaluator with questions, target areas to assess, and what ideal responses might include. The ages of stimuli range from 3 thru high school.


Wordwall has been a game-changer in my literacy sessions! Wordwall allows users to create or use materials for teaching and learning via games. My kids have loved playing the games while reading words in the sessions! There are also materials for targeting smilies, metaphors, idioms, and more. You have the ability to change the game type (i.e. random wheel, open the box, anagrams, word search). This website is great for one one one or small groups.

Explore Wordwall to see all the game and material options.


I absolutely LOVE my HUE camera! It allows me to share books and materials without having my face covered or trying to get the perfect angle with the front-facing camera. You can use the bae or plus the HUE directly into your computer. It has a built-in light, which helps to make the objects more visible.

I use BoomLearning Cards and Vooks as well to keep children engaged in the session. These resources are meant to assist with planning a session. For younger children, creating a plan with families is important.

Check out the 'gram for more resources and tips!

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