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Teletherapy Frequently Asked Questions

Families have many questions and concerns (rightfully, so) about teletherapy. The majority of speech therapists did not conduct teletherapy sessions until the terrible awful of 2020 happened.

Let's answer the most frequently asked questions about using teletherapy as a service delivery model for speech therapy.

Is teletherapy as effective as in-person therapy?

YES! Research supports consistent gains regardless of the modality of treatment. Additionally, results of a study examining parent training programs for Autistic children via teletherapy indicated significant improvements in parents’ fidelity (ability to replicate the training,) and in the children’s lexical diversity and morphosyntactic complexity. So, both direct intervention & parent training approaches are supported by research!

What kinds of activities can you do on the computer?

We are able to do the same activities as in-person therapy! We can read books, play games, do arts & crafts, all on-screen! We are even able to “transport” ourselves using virtual backgrounds, making therapy activities even more engaging.

What if my child can't sit at the computer?

That's okay! If your child is not interested in on-screen activities, a parent coaching model may be most appropriate.

What are the technical requirements for teletherapy?

To participate in teletherapy you will need a device (computer, tablet, or phone,) with webcam and microphone capabilities, Wi-Fi or Internet source, and a safe space for your child to participate in the session.

Can our session take place anywhere?

You must be present in the state in which your provider is licensed. If you will be out of state, please let your provider know and reschedule.

Communication is key to a successful session.

The key to a successful teletherapy session is COMMUNICATION. Communication between the therapist and family to know what setup, materials, and activities would work best for the kid.

Please don't hesitate to ask more questions about teletherapy! As with all things, one size does not fit all.

Published in collaboration with Jackie Anderson M.S., CCC-SLP, owner of Ascend Pediatric Therapies, LLC.

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