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Magnify Your Sessions with This Tool

I found this magnifying glass that has a LED light built-in and let me tell you... it has been AMAZING! Bonus is I feel like Inspector Gadget!🕵🏾‍♀️

It has been so helpful in my therapy sessions! Not only does it allow for a close-up view, but it brightens up my sessions. The kids think it is the coolest thing ever.

Watch this video to see three ways I love to use this!

1. Get a close-up view of the articulators

Provide your clients with a great view. It really helps to see how we form our mouths for certain sounds.

2. Finding the letters in books and around the room

Make letter learning interactive by searching for the letters in books or around the room.

3. Language expansion and exploring the environment in more detail

Expand language by using this tool to zoom in on objects to see all the details.

Don't you just want one? Get yours here!

(Disclosure: This is an Amazon affiliate link. I earn a small commission off of purchases.)

How would you use this? 🔎

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