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Last year, I wrote a blog post that became really popular about how I quit a job after only 3 months of being employed there. To say that was a rough time in life is an understatement. It was truly one of the lowest points in my career.

This blog post is not to rehash that time in my life (trust me no one needs to relive that), but to talk about how I am thriving now and the resilience I've experienced in the year 2023!

Motivation for 2023

I was so inspired when I heard Taylor Hale (Big Brother 24 Winner) say "I am not a VICTIM. I am a VICTOR." That quote truly has stuck with me as it can be so easy for us to fall into being the victim based on our circumstances. Difficult work environments, awful bosses, and regulations that make our jobs nearly impossible can leave us feeling helpless. The point is to not get stuck in that mindset and figure out how to be resilient!

If I listened to all the naysayers, I would not be where I am today. In the past year, I have had opportunities I could have never even dreamed of! My personal highlights have been filming a course for Tinyhood, having dinner with THEE Tiffany Hogan, being invited to present all over the country and internationally, and finally, being hired as the Director of Education for Bjorem Speech Publications.

Self-love is the best thing you can do for your career!

And most importantly, falling back in love with myself. It can be easy to listen to all the noise and negativity. I actively chose this year to stay in a space of positivity, love, and light. Was this always easy? NO! It has definitely been worth it though.

When in the eye of the storm, it is incredibly difficult to see the other side of it. I am proof that it gets better. Remember that you do not ever have to stay somewhere you are not valued or properly supported. To my fellow therapists, your clients, students, and patients only get the best care when you are at YOUR best.

My gratitude is endless.

I do want to take a moment and thank all of you from the bottom of my heart. From the first time I shared my story to the messages that poured in, you all have been so supportive. Know that The Listening SLP would not be what it is without each and every one of you.

Please know that this is a safe space for you to reach out and talk.

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