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Is a Reading Program Just as Good as a Professional?

There are so many options for families and teachers to choose from when working on literacy skills with their child. While reading programs can help provide structure for instruction, we must number that reading programs are just tools! They do not teach children how to read. People (i.e. therapist, teachers, parents, etc.) are needed to implement them to modify to each individual's needs!

It is important to know that not all reading programs were created equal.

As I look at Facebook groups, I get very very concerned about the number of products being sold/ pushed onto families without an understanding of how to use or modify these tools. This leads to many families expressing their frustrations as the program is not "working".

Please, please, please, note that the use of a program paired with a professional that knows how to adapt and modify is key in helping children to succeed.

Programs can be used along with skilled intervention from a professional.

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